DataVault Storage SaaS
Secure and regulatory compliant decentralized data storage platform for banks, fintech, and enterprises.
Clients lose trust in an organization
Consider paying for the same goods from a provider with better security
Will tell others about their negative experience
Average cost of data breach for enterprises
About product
DataVault Storage is a data protection system for enterprises that allows users to securely encrypt, store, manage, and access sensitive data.
DataVault Storage includes a comprehensive tool pack for enterprise data security, designed to protect businesses from outsider and insider data breach threats and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
Data encryption
Encrypt, shred, and store data in immutable distributed ledgers on the server and client-side with multi-signature logic and multi-factor authentication.
Secure data vault
Distribute and securely store encrypted and shredded pieces of sensitive data across unhackable Optherium Multidecentralized™ Encrypted Network.
Access management
Utilize multi-signature logic management system with 2-factor authentication: biometrics, SMS, push, QR, email, or even RFID chip to grant access to data.
Regulatory friendly
Compliant with all major regulatory security and data privacy standards, including GDPR, SCA, and PCI DSS.

Banks around the world lose more than $1 trillion to cybercrime each year.
Banks around the world lose more than $1 trillion to cybercrime each year.
DataVault API
Optherium SDK allows developers to create and manage scalable encrypted CyberFinTech network utilizing Optherium™ Multidecentralized™ technology.
Optherium SDK offers access to a sandbox, development specifications, code examples, APIs, microservices, educational materials, technical support, and other tools to create an unhackable fraud-less environment for organizations.
Data distribution
  • Data shredding
  • Data Localization
  • Security level setup
  • Disaster recovery
User authentication
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Passwordless environment
  • Strong Customer Authentication Methods
Data Management
  • Create, read, update, delete, search, share
  • Multisignature logic
  • GDPR compliance
  • Multidecentralized™ encrypted permission management
Feature-rich solution
Optherium™ Network manager
Deploy and setup Optherium Multidecentralized™ Encrypted Network
Encryption / Decryption
Shred and reassemble information on client-side
Decentralized data storage
Encrypt and store encrypted data physically on multiple servers
Multisignature logic
Issue multiple private keys for users to access data within consensus
Identity management
Manage users and employees personal / KYC data and access networks from multiple devices
Security level setups
Set up sensitivity levels for files and the pieces required to reassemble them
Disaster recovery
Set up a total number of pieces required for backup/disaster recovery
Peer-to-peer payments
Integrate P2P transfers via QR code, magic links, and NFC.
Online invoices
Create and send invoices online. Request and accept payments.
Employee payroll
Combine our modules to optimize and automate payroll.
Bill splitting
Integrate bill splitting for all of your users' convenience.
Data localization
Set up data storage by jurisdiction or server locations for each file
Access management system
Set up roles and permissions in decentralized, encrypted networks
Search files and tags in decentralized databases over encrypted data
Device protection
Plug and play 2FA with biometrics, SMS, QR codes, push notifications, and email
Go-live time
Launch in the EEA — 1-3 months
Launch in the USA — 2-3 months
Launch in other countries — up to 6 months
Opportunity identified – 2 week
Preliminary evaluation of the product/opportunity fit and internal decision to focus on agile innovation, customer journey, and the future to fuel growth and competitiveness.
Product demo – 1 week
45-minute walkthrough demonstrating how we create shareholder value and enable competitive agility; opportunity to cover technical aspects and receive answers to any questions your team has.
Workshop – 2 week
Consultative walkthrough that covers your current systems & processes and helps answer your most strategic business questions, including growth, profitability, and tech-driven transformation.
Roadmap & pilot – 3 week
We provide you with a test environment to get started and help finalize a practical roadmap. We conclude our delivery & maintenance contract in parallel.
Implementation plan – 4 week
We bring your products online, in cooperation with your technical team, under the agreed-upon implementation plan.
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