Regtech SaaS
Multidecentralized™ encrypted identity and document verification platform
offers ultimate regulatory compliance and business automation.
About product
Optherium provides a powerful full-stack platform for automated online customer onboarding & compliance. The platform automates verification and authentication processes, increases the security of data, enhances the accuracy of check results, minimizes fraud risks, and guarantees regulatory compliance.
Main features
ID document verification
Technical support
Liveness test / Biometric verification
Optherium Multidecentralized™ Encrypted Network
Global sanctions screening
Security based on Public Key Infrastructure
Proof of address / residence verification
Strong customer authentication (SCA) required for PSD2
Email verification
Brand customizations and white labelling
Phone verification
Admin panel with Identity Management System
Push notifications
Hosting (cloud and local)
Qualified timestamp
DataVault Storage
Optherium KYC SDK & API
Onboarding pluggable interface for
iOS, Android, Web platforms
Know Your Business: Optherium offers full-stack platform development for virtual onboarding, This semi-automated solution complete in 48 hours. Prevent identity fraud, increase data security and comply with privacy and anti-fraud regulations through automated authentication and verifications processes.
Mobile KYB
Secure, cost-effective, and fully compliant. Our mobile and web onboarding utilizes chat format with photo integrations, backed by computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Global Screening
Batch screening and real-time manual or automated monitoring against 1,600+ watchlists and suspicious activity.
Fast & Easy Onboarding
Efficient onboarding and minimized staff involvement; complete in 22-26 clicks and fully compliant with privacy and anti-fraud regulations. Designed for iOS, Android, and Web platforms.
Go-live time
Launch in the EEA — 1-3 months
Launch in the USA — 2-3 months
Launch in other countries — up to 6 months
Opportunity identified – 1 week
Preliminary evaluation of the product/opportunity fit and internal decision to focus on agile innovation, customer journey, and the future to fuel growth and competitiveness.
Product demo – 1 week
45-minute walkthrough demonstrating how we create shareholder value and enable competitive agility; opportunity to cover technical aspects and receive answers to any questions your team has.
Workshop – 1 week
Consultative walkthrough that covers your current systems & processes and helps answer your most strategic business questions, including growth, profitability, and tech-driven transformation.
Roadmap & pilot – 1 week
We provide you with a test environment to get started and help finalize a practical roadmap. We conclude our delivery & maintenance contract in parallel.
Implementation plan – 1 week
We bring your products online, in cooperation with your technical team, under the agreed-upon implementation plan.
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